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Garage Liability / Dealers Open Lot / Garage Keepers

Try our program for your nonstandard Garage needs.

Nonstandard Homeowners
and Related Specialty Coverages

We are a market for nonstandard homeowners and nonstandard high value homeowners and related coverages. Our specialty is homeowners including earthquake coverage and excess flood coverage, as well as such issues as brush areas, corporate or trust owned homes, homes on the water, homes with past losses, accumulation of values in certain areas, homes on piers or stilts, homes on a slope, and homes with a high Total Insured Value.

We also offer specialty coverages for owner / builder construction, owners & contractors protective for property owners who are using a general contractor to construct their project , commercially owned properties, home businesses, rental properties, and many other nonstandard personal lines risks.

  • HO-3 with or without Earthquake
  • HO-3 with Mold, Employment Practices Liability, Identity Theft
  • Rental Dwellings
  • Course Of Construction

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